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Ardais Castle (Exile's Song reading notes)

by Thomas Edsall

Ardais castle has a large courtyard with a large several stories tall stone building on three sides. This building has narrow windows on the lower stories and larger windows further up. It is a more fortress like building than the Comyn Castle. Lichen grows on the stones. The entryway to the building is more than two stories high. It has windows through which light can pour into the entryway. (ES156-157) One of the rooms in the castle is known as the Rose Room. (ES159) There is a long stairway with a banister that leads to the floor where this room is. (ES179) There is also a bathing chamber with a big tub on the same floor this tub is large enough for two or more people and can be filled with steaming hot water. (ES175) The Rose Room has a large bed with embroidered hangings and a wide window seat. There are blankets and pillows on the bed. (ES160) Across the entryway from the stairs (to the floor where the Rose Room is) is a large chamber with a fireplace in one long wall with embroidered tapestries on either side. This room has a long table that can be set for dinner. (ES179) Ardais castle has a room that Lady Marilla uses as a sitting room. (ES190) This room is down the hall from the room used for dining. It has a fireplace,a soft couch, several armchairs, and an embroidery stand. The room is done in colors of soft blues and creamy whites. (ES192) On the ground floor of Ardais Castle is a library. This is a small room with two bookcases, one larger than the other. The smaller one is next to a small fireplace, the larger one on the wall opposite the fireplace. There is one large comfortable chair in the room plus a cushioned bench under the window. The window has panes of glass and overlooks a small garden filled with flowers and birds. There is a smoke darkened tapestry over the fireplace. The library has forty some volumes, most of which are technical works of use on an agricultural estate. (ES224)

There is a village near the castle. The village has a midwife. (ES157)

Ardais has outer farms with cattle on them. There is sometimes a problem of cats attacking the cattle, usually in winter. (ES251)

Kilns for the manufacture of porcelain were established at Ardais by Lady Marilla. (ES182,254)

Julian Monterey is coridom to Lady Marilla at Ardais. (ES158)

Beltrana is a healer at Ardais. (ES160)

There are at least two maid servants at Ardais. (ES168)

Other members of the Comyn are wary of marrying members of the Ardais family since the Sharra Rebellion. (ES171)

An effort is being made to provide some basic education at Ardais. (ES180)

Ardais is isolated. (ES180)

There is a tavern with beer and wine a morning's ride from Ardais. (ES255)

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