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Characters of Exile's Song

by Petri Peltonen

Below is a listing of the main characters (play a really important role in the novel), the important characters (many events won't happen without them), the other characters who appear in the novel and finally characters which are only mentioned in the novel :
  • Main characters:
    • Margaret Alton, Marja, daughter of Lew Alton and Thyra Darriell, University scholar and assistant to Ivor Davidson; over 25 Terran years old.
    • Mikhail Lanart-Hastur, youngest son of Gabriel Lanart and Javanne Hastur; adopted heir of Regis Hastur and Dyan Ardais' foster-brother.
    • Lew Alton, Lord Alton and Darkovan senator in the Imperial Senate, Margaret's father.
  • Important characters:
    • Ivor Davidson, professor of Music in Thetis University, Margaret's teacher and friend.
    • Ashara Alton, an ancient Keeper of the Comyn Tower.
    • Rafaella n'ha Liriel, Renunciate and Margaret's guide to the Kilghard Hills, loves Rafe Scott.
    • Captain Rafael Scott, Rafe, Marja's maternal uncle, in love with Rafaella.
    • Gabriel Lanart-Alton, Regent of Alton, Lew's cousin, Javanne Hastur's husband.
    • Regis Hastur, Lord Hastur and Regent to the Crown.
    • Marilla Lindir-Aillard, Lady Aillard, mother of the young Lord Ardais.
    • Javanne Hastur, Regis' older sister and Gabriel Lanart's wife.
    • Istvana Ridenow, leronis from Neskaya Tower, Diotima Ridenow's aunt.
    • Gabriel Lanart Hastur, oldest son of Gabriel Lanart and Javanne Hastur.
    • Rafael Lanart-Hastur, his younger brother.
    • Liriel Lanart-Hastur, their younger sister, leronis.
    • Ariel Lanart-Alar, her twin-sister.
    • Linnea Storn-Hastur, Regis Hastur's wife.
    • Danilo Syrtis, Regis Hastur's paxman and bredu, Regent of Ardais.
    • Dyan Ardais Jr., Heir to Ardais, son of Dyan Sr. and Marilla Lindir; Mikhail Lanart-Hastur's foster-brother.
  • Other characters:
    • Diotima Ridenow, Lew Alton's wife, Marja's foster-mother.
    • Ethan MacDoevid, a boy in the Old Town of Thendara, befriends Marja.
    • Geremy MacDoevid, his cousin.
    • Master Everard MacArdis, craftmaster of the Musicians' Guild in Thendara.
    • Anya, master Everard's housekeeper.
    • Moira, Raimon and Gervis servants at Master Everard's.
    • Aaron MacEwan, tailor in Thendara, Ethan's uncle.
    • Manuella MacEwan, his wife.
    • Dame Dayborah, maker of undergarments.
    • Hannah MacDanil, an innkeeper in the Kilghard Hills.
    • Emyn MacDanil, her husband.
    • Major Thelma Wintergreen, a Terran officer in Terran Head Quarters in Thendara.
    • Brigham Conover, Head of Ethnology Department in Thendara Terran Zone.
    • Adriana n'ha Marguerida, Renunciate, guild-mother of Thendara House
    • Jillian, Renunciate in Thendara House.
    • Jerana, an old woman in the Kilghard Hills, "born the year the Terranan came".
    • Gawin MacDougal, an old singer in the Kilghards, "only 90".
    • Valentine and Tomas sons of mestra Hannah.
    • Julian Monterey, coridom in Ardais.
    • Martha, servant in Ardais.
    • Beltrana, healer in Ardais.
    • Jeff Kerwin/Damon Ridenow, Lew's cousin, son of Dorilys Aillard.
    • Danilo Hastur, Regis Hastur's oldest son, 13 or 14.
    • Piedro Alar, Ariel Lanart's husband.
    • Kennard Lanart-Alar, Piedro and Ariel's youngest son, 2.
    • Donal Lanart-Alar, 7, Ariel and Piedro's son.
    • Lewis Lanart-Alar, 4, Ariel and Piedro's son.
    • Domenic Lanart-Alar, 8, Ariel and Piedro's son.
    • Damon Lanart-Alar, 10, Ariel and Piedro's son.
    • Piedra, a maid in the Comyn Castle.
    • Katerina di Asturien, a healer in Thendara.
    • Francisco Ridenow, Lord Serrais, presumably late lord Edric's son, a little younger than Marja.
    • Dartan, coridon in Armida.
    • Jedidiah, Piedro Alar's coachman.
  • Characters only mentioned, not actually appearing in the story:
    • Ida Davidson, Ivor Davidson's wife.
    • Jacob MacDoevid, Ethan MacDoevid's older brother.
    • Master MacDoevid, Ethan and Jacob's father, a weavermaster in Thendara.
    • Master Rodrigo MacAran, Master Everard's chosen successor.
    • his brother, married to Master MacDoevid's daughter.
    • Becca, Ethan MacDoevid's sister, married to Rodrigo macAran's brother.
    • Erald MacArdis, Master Everard's son.
    • his two sisters.
    • Ellynyn Ardais, best singer in Thendara, emmasca (male in appearance).
    • Melora Alindair, lyric performer, "one of the best", a MacAran (possibly related to Rodrigo MacAran).
    • Josef of Nevarsin, a ryll-maker.
    • Thyra Darriell-Scott, Marja's mother, Rafe Scott's half-sister.
    • Rafaella n'ha Liriel's father, a nedestro cousin of the MacLorans and their coridom.
    • Rafaella's sister, was matrix mechanic in Neskaya, later married and has children.
    • Marius Lanart, Lew's late younger brother, died 20 years ago.
    • Dyan Ardais (Sr.), late Lord Ardais.
    • Marjorie Scott, Marja's late mother, Lew's first wife, Rafe's sister and Thyra's half-sister.
    • Zeb Scott, Terranan shuttle pilot, Kermiac Alradan's paxman; Marjorie and Rafe's late father.
    • Felicia Darriell, his wife, mother of Marjorie, Thyra and Rafe.
    • Magda Lorne, a legendary Terranan agent and Renunciate, founder of the Bridge Society.
    • Isaac MacEwan, a tailor in Thendara.
    • Padric, old Jerana's late husband.
    • Alan, Jerana's great-grandson.
    • Robert Kadarin, Thyra Darriell's lover.
    • Ellemir Lanart, daughter of Lord Alton, Gabriel Lanart's grandmother.
    • Callista Lanart, her twin-sister.
    • Ann'dra Carr, her Terran husband.
    • Damon Ridenow, Ellemir's husband, Gabriel Lanart's grandfather, father of Dorilys Aillard.
    • Jaelle n'ha Melora, nedestro heir to Aillard in Damon's time, mother of Dorilys Aillard.
    • Dorilys Aillard, Cleindori, a Keeper of Arilinn, Damon Ridenow and Jaelle n'ha Melora's daughter, Jeff Kerwin's mother.
    • Arnad Ridenow, nephew of Damon, thought to be husband of Dorilys.
    • Marcella Ridenow, Damon Ridenow's mother, dom Esteban Lanart's sister and Ellemir Lanart's aunt.
    • Kyril-Valentine Ardais, Dyan Ardais Jr's late grandfather.
    • Elorie Ardais, his daughter, Jeff's late wife.
    • Kermiac Aldaran, Lew Alton's maternal great uncle.
    • Yllana Aldaran, Elaine, Lew's mother.
    • Callina Aillard, Marilla Lindir-Aillard's half-sister, late Keeper of Arilinn.
    • Kester Ridenow, Istvana Ridenow's father, died almost 20 years ago.
    • Alanna Lanart-Alar, Ariel and Piedro's still unborn daughter.
    • Herm Aldaran, senator-candidate.
    • Jerana Aillard, a historical figure, prince Aran Elhalyn's wife.
    • Derik Elhalyn, late prince and Heir to the Crown.
    • Priscilla Elhalyn, his sister.
    • Alan Elhalyn, her oldest son, a little younger than Dyan Ardais, possible next Heir to the Crown.
    • Vincent Elhalyn, Priscilla's second son.

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