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English edition of the Darkover novels

The following table gives a list of English version of the Darkover novels, ordered by historical rank.
English titleEnglish titlePublisher Date
Darkover Landfall Darkover Landfall Daw 1972
Stormqueen! Stormqueen! Daw 1978
Hawkmistress! Hawkmistress! Daw 1982
Two to Conquer Two to Conquer Daw 1980
The Heirs of Hammerfell The Heirs of Hammerfell Daw 1989
Rediscovery Rediscovery Daw 1993
The Shattered Chain The Shattered Chain Daw 1976
The Spell Sword The Spell Sword Daw 1974
The Forbidden Tower The Forbidden Tower Daw 1977
Thendara House Thendara House Daw 1983
City of Sorcery City of Sorcery Daw 1984
Star of Danger Star of Danger Ace 1965
The Winds of Darkover The Winds of Darkover Ace 1970
The Bloody Sun The Bloody Sun Ace 1964
The Heritage of Hastur The Heritage of Hastur Daw 1975
The Planet Savers The Planet Savers Ace 1958
Sharra's Exile Sharra's Exile Daw 1981
The World Wreckers The World Wreckers Ace 1971
Exile's Song Exile's Song Daw 1996
The Shadow Matrix The Shadow Matrix Daw 1997
Traitor's Sun Traitor's Sun Daw 1998

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