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Characters of Two to Conquer

by Sonja Hutchinson

Below is a listing of the main characters (play a really important role in the novel), the important characters (many events won't happen without them) and the other characters who appear in the novel.
  • Main characters:
    • Bard di Asturien: (aka Bard mac Fianna, or the Kilghard Wolf) nedestro nephew of King Ardrin of Asturias; King Ardrin's bannder-bearer; hand-fasted husband of Princess Carlina of Asturias; half-brother of King Alaric of Asturias; Lord General of King Alaric's army.
    • Paul Harrell: (aka Paolo Harryl) off-worlder; duplicate of Bard di Asturien (Cherillys' Law).

  • Important characters:
    • King Ardrin: King of Asturias
    • Queen Ariel: Queen of Asturias, wife of King Ardrin
    • Beltran: Heir of Asturias; only son of Ardrin and Ariel
    • Carlina: Daughter of Ardrin and Ariel; handfasted to Bard di Asturien
    • Geremy Hastur: Youngest son of King Istvan; foster brother of Beltran and Bard
    • Rafael Asturias: Younger brother of King Ardrin; father of Bard and Alaric
    • Melora MacAran: Leronis in Asturias army, who later joined Varzil in Neskaya Tower
    • Melisendra MacAran: Leronis in Asturias army; mother of Bard's only son, Erlend
    • Alaric Asturias: Crippled son of Rafael and Jerana Asturias; King of Asturias for a short time
    • Varzil Ridenow: Keeper of Neskaya Tower

  • Other characters:
    • Jerana Asturias: Wife of Rafael Asturias and mother of Alaric
    • Prince Valentine: Youngest son of Ardrin and Ariel; heir to Asturias, but never took the throne
    • Garreth MacAran: Cheif laranzu in the Asturias army
    • Ginevra Harryl: Lady of Queen Ariel's; wife of Geremy Hastur
    • Erlend di Asturien: Son of Bard di Asturien and Melisendra MacAran
    • Mirella Lindir: Granddaughter of Garreth MacAran; Leronis at Hali, then at Tramontana
    • Rory Lanart: laranzu in Asturias army; kept virgin for the Sight
    • Lori: Leronis at Asturias
    • Garris Hammerfell: Foster son of Ardrin; hostage of war
    • Gwynn: Rafael's coridom
    • Jerrall: Rafael's banner-bearer
    • Catriona: sewing girl at Asturias
    • Ysabet: Carlina's nurse
    • Lisarde: Carlina's maid
    • Ruyven: Bard's aid
    • Lilla: villager; Bard's lover
    • Lord Edelweiss: Ally of King Ardrin's
    • Gwennifer: boatkeeper for the Isle of Silence
    • Anya, Lori, Casilda, Tresa, Mother Ellinen: Women at Avarra's Holy Isle of Silence
    • Lerrys: guard at Asturias
    • Lorrill: worker at Neskaya Tower
    • Dom Kendral of High Ridge: Chief Counsillor of the Kingdom of Asturias
    • Murakh: soldier in Asturias army

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