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Characters of The Bloody Sun

by Petri Peltonen

Below is a listing of the main characters (play a really important role in the novel), the important characters (many events won't happen without them), the other characters who appear in the novel and finally characters which are only mentioned in the novel :
  • Main characters:
    • Jefferson Andrew Kerwin Jr. aka Damon Aillard-Alton, 29, son of Lewis-Arnad Alton, Heir of Alton and Dorilys Aillard, Keeper of Arilinn.
    • Elorie Ardais, Keeper of Arilinn, daughter of Lord Ardais.
    • Kennard Alton, Lord Alton's younger son.
    • Dorilys Aillard, Cleindori, former Keeper of Arilinn, daughter of Damon Ridenow, 13 years old in the prologue.
  • Important characters:
    • Auster Ridenow, son of Cassilde Lanart and Jeff Kerwin Sr., thought by many to be the son of Arnad Ridenow; twin of Ragan.
    • Ragan Ridenow, son of Cassilde Lanart and Jeff Kerwin Sr., spent childhood in the Spacemen's Orphanage, later works for Terra; twin of Auster.
    • Taniquel, matrix worker in Arilinn, has strong Ridenow Gift.
    • Neyrissa, monitor in Arilinn, Elorie's half-sister and Lord Ardais nedestro daughter, her mother was possibly a MacAran.
    • Rannirl, technician in Arilinn.
    • Damon Ridenow-Lanart, former Regent of Alton, Dorilys' father.
    • Jeff Kerwin Sr., Terran spaceman, thought to be Jeff Jr.'s father, but in fact father of Cassilde Lanart's children.
  • Other characters:
    • Valdir Alton, Lord Alton, Kennard and Lewis-Arnad's father, Cleindori's foster-father.
    • Mesyr Aillard, a very distant cousin of Jeff, worker in Arilinn.
    • Corus Ridenow, her son, matrix worker in Arilinn.
    • Cassilde Lanart, Callista Lanart's daughter by Damon Ridenow, Cleindori's foster-sister, 4-5 years older than Cleindori.
    • Johnny Ellers, Terran spaceman, Jeff Kerwin Jr.'s friend onboard the "Southern Crown".
    • Terran Legate.
    • Danvan Hastur of Hastur, Warden of Hastur, Regent of the Seven Domains, Lord of Thendara and Carcosa.
    • Dyan Ardais, Heir and Regent to Ardais, Elorie's older half-brother, in his fourties.
    • Jon Harley, an old mathematics teacher in the Spacemen's Orphanage.
    • Callina Lindir, Keeper in training in Neskaya Tower, only 12 or so.
    • Margwenn, the under-Keeper of Thendara Tower.
    • Arnad Ridenow, thought to be Auster and Ragan's father, propably son of one of Damon Ridenow's brothers.
    • Magdalen Lorne, Terran agent and Renunciate, freemate of Cleindori's mother.
  • Characters only mentioned, not actually appearing in the story:
    • Leonie Hastur, the late Keeper of Arilinn Tower.
    • Janine Leynier of Storn, her apprentice and successor.
    • Lorill Hastur, the late Regent and Lord Hastur, Leonie's twin brother.
    • Stefan Hastur-Elhalyn, king of the Domains.
    • Lori Alton, Elorie, Valdir Alton's wife, Kennard and Lewis-Arnad's mother.
    • Lewis-Arnad Lanart-Alton, Lord Alton's elder son and Heir, Jeff Kerwin Jr's father and Cleindori's husband.
    • Leominda, the Keeper of Neskaya.
    • Callista Lanart-Carr, Lord Alton's older sister, Cassilde's mother, married to a Terran.
    • Maruca, Jeff Jr's old Darkovan nurse.
    • Lewis-Kennard Lanart, Kennard Alton's eldest son, 10.
    • Derek Elhalyn, prince and Heir to the Crown, 9.
    • Valdrin of Carthon, Lord Carthon.
    • Heir to Hastur, 4 years old (Regis Hastur).
    • Ysabet of Dalereuth, a historical figure, a renegade Keeper in her time.
    • Dorilys Lanart, Cassilde's unborn daughter.
    • Caitlin Lindir-Hastur, Kennard Alton's first wife.
    • Jaelle Aillard, Cleindori's late mother and Magdalen Lorne's freemate.
    • Cassilda Hastur, Danvan Hastur's wife, friend to Elorie Ardais' mother.
    • son of Neyrissa, fathered by Rannirl 10 years ago.
    • Jeff Kerwin Sr's Terran parents who took Jeff Jr as their grandson.
    • Terran civil servant who married Jeff Jr. and Elorie Ardais in Port Chicago.

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