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A Darkover Role Playing System


Many people would like to role play on Darkover. Such a game does not exist. It should be relatively easy to adapt an universal game system such as GURPS so as to obtain a Darkover RPG. But in this case, it won't be possible de give the complete rule of the game on this site. Members of the darkover-rpg mailing list have therefore decided to design a new game system which will remain completely free. Moreover, Jérôme Rousselot (aka Varzil) as decided to construct a play-by-mail RPG, handled by Java (tm) programs.

Meanwhile, a kind of roleplay took place on one of Rodrigo's mailing lists. For details, have a look to:

Current state of the project

The project is currently in very early stage. Everybody seems to agree that the Darkover Site should carry on building a Darkover Encyclopedia, while the Darkover RPG group (which is not formally defined) should focus on the technical aspect.

The only point which seems to be clear is that the system will be based on skills, as many modern RPGs.

If you want to join the group, you should meet its members on the darkover-rpg mailing list.

Moreover, if you're interested by the play-by-mail RPG, you should of course discuss it on the mailing list and also have a look to Jérôme Web pages:

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