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The Darkover Concordance

The Darkover Concordance is to my knowledge the only complete reference work on Darkover. It has been written by Walter Breen, Marion's second husband. She allowed him to access to her "X files": he had therefore a quite synthetic view of the whole work.

The book is organized as a dictionary and contains everything about anything. It is 164 pages long, illustrated by Melisa Michaels. It includes a foreword written by Marion herself. It was published in 1979 by the Pennyfarthing Press (Berkeley, California). It was only a limited edition of 5000 copies.

Why do I try to make a new concordance?

  • The Concordance was based on twelve novels and is therefore incomplete.
  • I am working on the current version of the novels. This is especially the case for Sharra's Exile which is quite different from The Sword of Aldones. On the contrary, the Concordance is rather old and based on first versions.
  • I do not agree with all the interpretations provided by Walter Breen.
  • The Concordance contains also errors (for instance Lewis Alton's biography).
  • The Concordance is out of print.
  • The Concordance is a commercial work.

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