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Threshold sickness

Psychic disorder which strikes young telepaths when they reach puberty (i.e., when their laran starts awakening).

Causes of the threshold sickness

Laran is based on the use of energons which flow through human body in channels. Unfortunately, sexual energy (whatever it can be!) uses the same channels. The trouble is that laran and sexuality awaken at approximately at the same time during puberty. Channels get saturated by energons and sexual energy flows. This can be called the objective part of the threshold sickness (The Heritage of Hastur, p 240).

Moreover, laran awakening is a difficult experiment as new perceptions appear. One begins to receive other people thoughts, to have precognition flashes, etc. The consequences of this new feelings are the psychological part of the threshold sickness (op. cit., p 186).


Channels saturation is also a dangerous situation, even for fully trained telepath. Sexual energy and laran can stimulate each other and the overloading can kill the telepath (op. cit., p 240).

Lesser manifestations of the threshold sickness include the following:

  • headaches and head throbbing (op. cit., p 183)
  • the telepath sees little dots of light which [remain] even when his eyes [are] shut (op. cit., p 183)
  • hallucinations (both visual and auditive) (op. cit., p 185)
  • uncontrollable flashes of precognition and returns in the past (op. cit., p 267)
  • random wandering in the overworld (op. cit., p 268)

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