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Time line for Darkover history

I'm trying to build here a general time line of the Darkover history. The base time for me is the beginning of events narrated in The Heritage of Hastur, which is therefore the 0 of this time line.

This version is my first one and lots of things need to be added.

-64Birth of Dorilys Aillard
Birth of Kennard Alton (around this date)
-51 Death of Leonie Hastur
-50Birth of Rafael Hastur
-50 -45Birth of Dyan Ardais (precise date unknown)
-48 Star of Danger
Kennard Alton leaves Darkover for Terra
-48 -41 The Winds of Darkover (precise date unknown)
around -41Kennard Alton comes back to Darkover
-40Robert Kadarin joins Terran secret services
-35Wedding between Alanna Elhalyn and Rafael Hastur
Dyan enters Nevarsin (around this date)
Dorilys Aillard is murdered by fanatics
-30Robert Kadarin leaves Terran secret services
Dyan leaves Nevarsin (around this date)
around -25Birth of Javanne Hastur
-20Birth of Lew Alton
-15Birth of Regis Hastur
Death of Rafael Hastur
Death of Rafael Syrtis
Death of Alanna Elhalyn-Hastur
-14Birth of Danilo Syrtis
-12Birth of Marius Alton
Death of Elaine Montray
Birth of Rafe Scott
around -11 The Bloody Sun
around -10Wedding between Javanne Hastur and Gabriel Lanart
-9Kennard Alton enters the Comyn Council
Kennard tests Lew's gift
-6Lew enters the Cadets
-3Regis starts living in Nevarsin
Lew enters the Arilinn Tower
Death of Dyan's son
-2Lew is legitimated by the Comyn Council
0 The Heritage of Hastur

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