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A Darkover map


Darkover is a quite complex world and a good map will be very useful for a complete understanding of the novels. Unfortunately, Marion dislikes maps.

Dispite this fact, a map was included in Daw's original edition of The Heritage of Hastur (1975). The map was a copy by Gaughan of an original work by Thrym Berger. As far as I know, the map has been included in every paperback reprint since the first edition. Walter Breen wrote in The Darkover Concordance that the map was inaccurate.

I have scanned the map and included it in the Darkover site. This is clearly a violation of copyright laws. As my goal is only to promote the Darkover novels and short stories, I hope this won't be considered too harmful. Please, DO NOT keep a publicly available copy of this map in your pages, except in a full mirror of this site.

In order to avoid copyright problems, I'm looking for a public Darkover map. So if you have authored such a map and if you want to donate the Darkover site with it, contact me by e-mail.

The map

this is a darkover map, i.e. an image...

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